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Long Island Carpet Cleaning

Bethpage Carpet Cleaners

carpet-cleaning-002You need your home to be comfortable and attractive, and your carpeting, tile, and upholstery all have a huge effect on those qualities, so keeping them clean is extremely important. When these parts of your home become dirty, your home will become less attractive and less comfortable, and you’ll also need to replace your carpeting or furniture before you would otherwise need to. Having them cleaned regularly will help you keep your home looking and feeling great, and it will extend the lifespan of these parts of your home.

Advanced Carpet Care has been providing home and business owners in the Bethpage area with high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning services for more than two decades. We use the most advanced tools, detergents, and procedures to guarantee the most thorough and effective cleaning possible for your flooring and furniture.

Call us today to schedule your appointment for a cleaning, and we’ll be looking forward to assisting you.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Bethpage

Keeping your carpets clean is extremely important. The most obvious reason is that it affects the appearance of your Bethpage home, but it’s also important to note that dirty carpets can have negative effects on your family’s health. Dirty carpets can facilitate in the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi, which can cause a number of health problems and even trigger or lead to the development of respiratory issues.

While regularly vacuuming your carpets can be very helpful with removing dirt and sand from the surface of your flooring, our professional cleaning services will completely penetrate all the layers of your carpeting and thoroughly remove grime and bacteria that can otherwise remain hidden in your carpeting. We can guarantee a thorough cleaning that will leave your carpeting healthy and attractive.

Our professional-grade carpet cleaning methods will get rid of all harmful grime and bacteria.

Bethpage Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a commercial property owner, you know that keeping up the appearance of your Bethpage property is extremely important to your business. And when your carpets, rugs, or furniture are dirty, it can make all of your property appear unattractive, and that can get in the way of you presenting a professional image to your customers. Our regular cleaning services can help you keep every part of your commercial property looking their best at all times.

We also know that you can’t afford to have your workday interrupted for long periods, so our professionals will get our work done as quickly as possible. However, we’ll never sacrifice quality workmanship in favor of speed.

We can clean all types of commercial properties, including:

  • – Hotels
  • – Churches
  • – Office Building
  • – Retail Facilities
  • – Convention Centers
  • – Restaurants
  • – And More!

If you need Carpet Cleaning in Bethpage, NY, please call 631-923-5559 or complete our online request form.

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