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4 Common Carpet Cleaning Misconceptions

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When it comes to carpet cleaning, there’s a lot of things that people can misunderstand, like the best cleaning methods or how to get the most out of your carpet. Don’t spend a moment more being misinformed about carpet cleaning! The professional carpet cleaners at Advanced Carpet Care are here with an article that will debunk a few of the most popular myths when it comes to carpet cleaning and what the truth actually is.

1. Cleaning Too Much Will Hurt The Carpet

In the far past, carpets were relatively weak, with short fibers that were low density. This particular misconception might apply to carpets of the past, but not any longer. As time has passed and carpet manufacturing has improved in quality, modern carpets have become pretty durable, meaning they can withstand a lot more cleaning and vacuuming. No matter how often you vacuum, even if it’s every day, it’s likely that your carpet will make it through. But, it’s still important to make sure you’re caring for your carpet the right way while you clean it. Using a vacuum that is in functioning condition with a brush roller and proper suction will make sure your carpet gets clean and stays safe.

2. Baking Soda Will Clean And Remove Odors

While baking soda is a champion for other household issues like baked on food or a clogged drain, it definitely isn’t much of a help when it comes to carpet cleaning. Baking soda can absorb odors for a short time, but it can’t take care of them where it matters– at the source. Pet urine, for example, soaks the fibers of the carpet and eventually makes it to the carpet pad. Sprinkling a bit of baking soda on the surface of the carpet can’t reach all the way to the pad underneath, meaning it will only absorb what little is on the surface. The only way to take care of pet urine and odors, along with other accidents, is to hire a professional carpet cleaner.

3. Steam Cleaning Causes The Growth Of Mold & Mildew

If your carpets aren’t cleaned properly with the right equipment, this misconception could become true. Steam cleaning is done using– you guessed it– steam, meaning no water should saturate your carpet while it’s being cleaned. If your carpet is cleaned by an unexperienced worker (or by yourself), you could run the risk of soaking it and creating the perfect space for mold and mildew to grow. By hiring a professional carpet cleaner who knows how to treat and clean carpets with an industry-grade steam cleaner, you’ll be protecting your carpets and making sure they’re taken care of properly.

4. Carpets Are The Cause Of Household Allergies

Over the years, allergists have told people that ripping the carpets from their homes will end their allergy problems once and for all, but this isn’t true in the slightest. Removing carpet won’t reduce the amount of dust or dander in your home, it will simply go somewhere else! The most important word in debunking this misconception is maintenance. It’s very true that dust, animal dander, and other substances will inevitably settle into the fibers of your carpet, and they’ll stay there as long as your carpet goes uncleaned. As long as you vacuum and get your carpets cleaned regularly, things that aggravate or worsen allergies won’t be around long enough to make you sneeze.

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