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Cleaning Pet Urine from Carpet and Upholstery in Smithtown NY

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Pets are our best friends but there can be some concerns in a pet friendly home. For one thing a pets coat or fur leaves natural oil and dander on the carpet and upholstery fibers. These oils have a natural distinct odor and attract dirt which can lead to visually unpleasing looks as well. Dirt and substances penetrate fibers on both upholstery and carpet. If not treated these substances lead to poor performance or pre mature wear of carpet fibers or fabrics. Upholstery cleaning done at least once a year should be helpful in maintaining cleaner sofa and love seat fabrics. In an environment with pets or allergy sufferer it’s recommended that carpet cleaning be done at least twice a year.

Urine Is an issue that’s hard to address without the proper steps, tools and the right solutions because there are so many variables to consider. There isn’t any guarantee that urine won’t permanently damage delicate fibers such as wool, cotton or silk even if cleaned promptly. Furthermore, after cleaning residual latent damage can appear weeks or months later. Why? Because when urine is expelled it’s almost the same warmth used to dye the carpet and it contains naturally occuring chemicals in varying degrees that react differently on fibers and fabrics.


When urine issues aren’t dealt with adequately the salt in the urea attracts moisture to the area reviving the odor causing bacteria and can add to its growing pungency.

One common thought that customers have is that by spraying something down it will get rid of the problem, unfortunately this isn’t reality though. The only thing that will remove the odor is removing the urine. Soaking an area of carpet with products isn’t a solution but a delay for a proper response.

If your looking for a qualified Carpet cleaner to help with pet urine and odor near Smithtown NY call us. We are certified by the IICRC and can help you by reducing or removing the odor completely.

Pet urine consistency changes with age, diet or even medication and this complicates odor and damage potential. The best thing to do it to call us, Advanced Carpet Care is an experienced cleaner  who knows how to properly and effectively contain and treat your carpet and upholstery.

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