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Long Island Carpet Cleaning

Rotovac 360 XL

Posted in: Carpet Cleaning

     We offer both traditional wand cleaning and a more deeper cleaning using the Rotovac 360 XL. After your carpets are inspected and your carpet can be cleaned using a rotary wand we would give you the option of choosing the method we’ll use. The Rotovac 360 XL will give a deeper cleaning because it has four jets and four vacuum ports making around 1700 passes in minutes. It’s the same as getting your home cleaned 1700 times. Combined with our Super Truck which powers this new technology in cleaning. Additionally it leaves your carpets dryer which means your family will be able to get back to your normal routine faster. 

  When comparing both traditional and rotary cleaning heads there have been varying degrees of pro’s and con’s, but with this new style of rotary jet extractor the cleaning you’ll experience is fantastic. We will leave your home happier, cleaner and drier faster using this new technology and our unit. If your looking for a great value in carpet cleaning call us, we’re a trusted professional who has your family’s health at the forefront of their business.

We’re Advanced Carpet Care and we offer the best value in Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Care for Long Island, New York.

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