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How can upholstery cleaning be beneficial to you?

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Often consumers neglect hiring a professional cleaner because of a few reasons. They might believe that upholstery cleaning isn’t necessary and possibly it’s a Do it Yourself project using a portable home machine or even that the cost is too high. So why hire a Professional Upholstery Cleaner?

     Have you ever sat down in your favorite recliner or laid down on your couch after a hard day and noticed that the couch smells? That’s because body oils, dust, food or beverage spills, dirt, pet hair and dander are just a few of the factors that make upholstery to look tired and retain odor. So what should you do? 

    First thoughts are that a home or rented machine can do the job well. Unfortunately that’s a great option for spotting and quick cleanups but isn’t really a great option for long term cleaning solutions. Rented and also home machines are able to wet the fabric but lack the vacuum to dry it. Furthermore small machine lack the heat necessary to break the lipophilic bond that hold oil and contaminants to fibers.

Cleaning products bought in the store aren’t professional strength and may cause color to beach or bleed. Some fabrics loose color or may deteriorate if cleaned with the wrong products but a Professional Upholstery Cleaner is trained to identify which fabrics should be cleaned and how. All fabrics aren’t cleanable or even cleanable by the same method. 

How often should your furniture be cleaned?

Getting your furniture cleaned yearly is a good rule as long as there are no pets present in the home. If you have kids and pets you might consider getting sofa, love seats and or recliners cleaned twice a year to help maintain dander-odor free and cleaner fabric. You’ll appreciate a cleaner environment especially for persons with allergies regular carpet and upholstery cleaning can greatly reduce the presence of alleges and lead to better indoor air quality.


Looking for a Professional Carpet and Upholstery cleaner in North Babylon, NY?

We’re Advanced Carpet Care and have the experience needed to clean your upholstered furniture. Whether it’s your Living room set, Family room sofa and Love seat or even your dining room chairs we have great cleaning solutions for your home or business.

We clean with professionalism and attention to detail and that is our trademark using a low moisture high- heat method that leaves your furniture looking its best. So, if your in search of a Deep Upholstery Cleaning in North Babylon, NY call us and get a great cleaning experience.

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