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Long Island Carpet Cleaning

On the Lookout for Huntington Carpet Cleaning?

Huntington Carpet Cleaning imageWhether you need a cleaning service for your furniture, water damage, or carpeting, the pros from Advanced Carpet Care can put an end to the dirt and mildew in your home. If you have a home or business in Huntington, call us. We are locally owned and operated and have two decades worth of experience under our belts.

Carpeting can upgrade the look of your home instantly. Careful maintenance that goes into it will protect it from damages and keep it looking fresh. Although your carpeting is walked on every day, the professional Carpet Cleaners at Advanced Carpet Care can take care of it when it’s not so clean.

Foot children, pets, and children all take its toll on your carpeting. It never seems fair that something that you have invested so much into can become your worst nightmare. Dirt carpeting and furniture is not pleasant to look at or sit on for that matter.

Huntington Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpeting cleaned professionally not only enhances the beauty of the home, but also increases the value of the home. Newer looking carpeting makes a lasting impression on those looking to buy a home.

You can’t live with dirty carpeting in the home or office because of what lurks deep within the confines of it. Embedded dirt and bacteria can lead to allergens spread throughout the home as well as health complications such as breathing and nasal issues.

Whether it is your rugs, carpeting, wall to wall carpets, or even you indoor/outdoor carpeting, you can guarantee that we will keep it clean through our Huntington Carpet Cleaning service. Our services are always available as we have the best cleaning machinery and techs around.

Huntington Upholstery Cleaning

Through steam cleaning which utilizes a hot water extraction, we can get your upholstery 100% cleaned without any messes. Stains on regular furniture fabrics such as microfibers are no match for our cleaning service. Your specific upholstery fabric will determine what cleaning method we use. Types of furniture fabrics:

  • Silk

  • Leather

  • Fabrics

No matter what your dilemma is, we can clean it so that you’re not sitting on dust and bacteria. Call and schedule an appointment today and let our cleaners take care of your upholstery. From the most fragile of fibers to specialized cleaning solutions, we can make your home comfortable.

Call our Huntington carpet cleaning specialists today and let them give your home a whole new look. Our services come with the guarantee that you will be completely satisfied because if you are not happy then nor are we.

If you are looking for a Huntington Carpet Cleaning expert then please call 631-923-5559 or complete our online request form.


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