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Long Island Carpet Cleaning

The Islandia Carpet Cleaning Company You Can Trust

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There’s nothing better than carpets that are fresh and clean except, perhaps, letting an Islandia Carpet Cleaning company do all the hard work for you. To get the beautiful original color and fresh smells back, all that’s needed is to call in the professionals at Advanced Carpet Care.

Our Islandia carpet cleaning professionals know exactly how to remove pet odors, urine, grime, and stains. We’ve been the leading industry professionals in residential and commercial carpet cleaning and tile cleaning for twenty years.

Finding a reliable carpet cleaning company is invaluable, especially when you can also use the same people to clean the tile, clean the upholstery, and help with other tasks. Our team at Advanced Carpet Care wants to be that go-to professional you trust and will work hard to earn and keep your business.

Islandia Carpet Cleaning Experts

When we perform carpet cleaning for Islandia homes and businesses, we custom mix the formula using only VOC Free solutions. This way, we can ensure no harm comes to your pets or children over the long-term.

Advanced Carpet Care focuses on getting results. We take our time and cover every detail of the process without cutting corners. When we’re in your home or commercial establishment, our focus is on you and the job we’re doing, not hurrying up to get to the next job.

Pet Odor & Urine Treatments in Islandia

If your carpeting is smelling a bit funky because of a few pet accidents, we can apply a pet odor and urine treatment to your carpets as well. This is a special Bio Enzymatic pre-treatment system which will remove the proteins and contaminants that get left behind. It’s very effective and is also pet friendly and child safe.

Be sure to let us know when you make an appointment that you’re interested in our Pet Urine and Odor Treatments.

Commercial Cleaning For Islandia Businesses

In addition to providing services in homes over the last twenty years, our team at Advanced Carpet Cleaning have been busy scrubbing commercial carpets all over Islandia. We have extensive experience in commercial carpet cleaning. We understand all the safety issues as well as the need to continue your business operations as we handle your service.

Islandia, NY


If you’re looking for a Town Carpet Cleaning Company, please call 631-923-5559 or complete our online request form.

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