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Long Island Carpet Cleaning

Long Island Area Rug Cleaning Restoration

Long Island area rug cleaningYou probably consider your area rug to be one of the most prized possessions in your home. Area and Oriental rugs make a wonderful addition to any room. However, they do get their fair share of foot traffic. If your decorative rugs could use a deep cleaning then call Advanced Carpet Care for professional area rug cleaning services. Our Long Island carpet cleaning company can get those hard to eliminate tough stains out of your rug and restore it back to looking like new once again.

Types of Area Rugs

We are trained to handle all types of area rugs from big to small. Whatever type you have, we can tackle the hard to remove stains with our effective yet gentle cleaning process. Types of area rugs we can revive with our cleaning services:

  • Persian
  • Wool
  • Oriental
  • Silk

Reason to Have Rugs Cleaned

Rugs all share one thing in common-they all get dirty. Rugs are expensive and you want to keep the value of that investment. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to restore the look of your area rug. Our Long Island area rug cleaning service is effective and affordable. Here are some reasons to have cleaning done:

  • Time saving
  • Money savings
  • Dirt and dust elimination
  • Mildew prevention

Having your rugs cleaned professionally can save you money and time. You won’t have to replace them with regularly scheduled cleaning so that will save you money. Also-you have cleaning done when you have time as we work around your schedule.

Dirt & Dust Elimination

Dirt and dust are everywhere you go. It is all throughout the home but the more that you clean the more it can be eliminated. Your area rugs are like magnets for dust and dirt. Having them cleaned, using a safe solution will restore them and prevent dirt and dust from gathering. Regular schedule carpet cleaning will reduce the allergens in your Long Island home.

Removing Mildew & Mold with Area Rug Cleaning

Water damage can produce mildew and mold growth. This spreads very quickly to other areas of the home and can make family members ill. Damp rugs need to be attended to very quickly because lack of professional maintenance leads to fungi growth.

When you want someone who specializes in Long Island area rug cleaning, come to the pros at Advanced Carpet Care and have your decorative rugs cared for delicately. We use safe solutions and methods of cleaning to ensure your area and Oriental rugs are properly cleaned without damaging the delicate fibers.

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