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Long Island Carpet Cleaning

Dependable Massapequa Park Carpet Cleaning

Massapequa Park Carpet Cleaner image If you are looking for a commercial or residential long island cleaning service, then contact Advanced Carpet Care in Massapequa Park. We are a locally owned and operated cleaning service that can cover all of your cleaning needs including carpets, tile, upholstery, are rugs and more. We also offer emergency service after a major flood or smoke caused by a fire. Call today and schedule an in-home inspection and cleaning. You’ll love our prompt efficient service. We are also very affordable and guarantee our work. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service and quality cleaning products that get the job done no matter how tough your carpet stains are.

Area Rug Cleaning

You area rugs are often made of very specific and sensitive material that has to be cleaned using specialized methods and solutions. Not all area rugs are the same. Rugs such as Persian, wood, oriental, silk and other types of area rugs are created from different fabrics. We hire trained specialists that are experts in cleaning all types of rugs no matter what they are made of. Since area rugs are not attached to the floor, they can be cleaned on both sides. This insures that your rug receives a full treatment inside and out. Every fiber is cleaned and deodorized in order to completely restore your area rug back to new.

Commercial Cleaning

One of the most important aspects of any business is to maintain a strong professional appearance and image. When people see that you have a professional image, then they are more likely to trust your business. This is why having all items in your store or office cleaned on a regular basis is important. We provide comprehensive commercial cleaning for all your rugs, carpets, tile floors and furniture. A clean business is not only great for appearance, but it’s also healthier for both your employees and your clients.
We offer utilize cleaning into our cleaning process, because this creates a healthier atmosphere for all the people inside your building and it’s also environmentally friendly. We clean a wide range of commercial properties including offices, convention centers, department stores, hotel, motels, restaurants, and churches. Whatever size or shape of your building or how many floors it has, we can clean every carpet, every pieces every furniture, and every room.

Emergency Cleaning

If you’ve suffered from flooding inside your home or office, then cleaning your carpets is vital for many reasons. For instance, a proper cleaning will kill all the mold and algae that more than likely develop from your carpets, tile, or rugs being soaked underwater for any length of time. Water and other materials floating around during the flood will also heavily stain your carpet and when it dries it will only look faded or have a browning color. Only a professional cleaning company can totally restore your home back to new and revive your carpet.

Massapequa Park, NY

If you need Carpet Cleaning in Massapequa Park, NY, please call 631-923-5559 or complete our online request form.

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