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Long Island Carpet Cleaning

In Need of a Dependable Smithtown Carpet Cleaning expert?

Smithtown Carpet Cleaning imageVacuuming, no matter how often done in your Smithtown home, is no comparison to a professional cleaning service. Vacuuming aims to remove only the uppermost layer of dirt and debris in a carpet. This would be ideal for removing hair and other lightweight debris. It is not a long –term solution to your soiled carpeting problems.

Our Smithtown Carpet Cleaning techs actually get down to the source of the odor in your carpeting as we treat it and remove it. Our Carpet Cleaners will inspect your carpet to determine which areas need the most attention. Following the initial inspection, we’ll use a combination of powerful equipment, shampooing and conditioning agents.

We make sure to clean without leaving any oily residue behind. We use only non-toxic cleaning chemicals so it keeps you and your family safe. Our cleaning methods have been keeping home and condo owners happy for decades.

Smithtown Carpet Cleaning

You should want to hire us to clean your carpets for several reasons. We not only get your carpets as clean as possible, we bring our customers peace of mind. Just knowing that you are walking on something cleaner is reassurance. Other reasons why people appreciate our work:

  • Fast

  • Friendly

  • Affordable

In this day and age, there is absolutely no reason why you should not have clean carpets. Weekly cleaning only gets what’s on the surface not what’s dwelling at the bottom. So when you need professional Smithtown Carpet Cleaning, we’re the ones to trust.

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Smithtown Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture is cautiously evaluated to determine the type of material and the best cleaning method to be used. Once this has been decided, Advanced Carpet Care then cleans all upholstery on the piece of furniture and wipe down any wood ends.

Rather often- furniture needs to be dry cleaned. Our techs always come prepared for the type of work that needs to be performed and will clean in the manner the material dictates. The type of fabric will predict which method we will use.

Dust particles and pet dander are the primary causes of indoor allergies. By using special chemicals and, we are able to attack and flush out the majority of these allergy causing agent in your furniture. This process coupled with a detailed cleaning will help make certain we eliminate even the most of severe issues.

Go with our services and see how our Smithtown Carpet Cleaning is different from all others. We want to make sure that your home or business is well taken care of. Call for your free appointment and speak with one of our techs.

If you are looking for a Smithtown Carpet Cleaning expert then please call 631-923-5559 or complete our online request form.


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